Anna Heath makes the most of dual enrollment

While most dual enrollment students obtain six to 12 hours of college credit, recent Northeast State graduate, Anna Heath chalked up 25 hours on her transcript.

Anna Heath chalked up 25 hours of credit.

Anna Heath chalked up 25 hours of credit.

Anna, who attended Daniel Boone High School, first learned of dual enrollment through her older brother who took math and speech classes. She liked the idea of getting college credit while in high school but didn’t plan on taking more than a few classes.

“I went into it thinking maybe I could take the classes my brother took and I’d be that much more ahead of everybody else,” Anna said. “That would be a good start, and I could get a feel of what college would be like without submerging myself completely.”

Because of her ACT scores, Anna was eligible to take four dual enrollment classes during the fall semester of her senior year.  She knocked out Survey of Art History II, General Psychology, and Composition I and II. Then she went looking for more classes.

“I thought ‘this isn’t so bad; what if I do more next semester?’”

After doing a bit of research, Anna decided her best solution was to finish her senior year by taking courses at the College’s Blountville campus. Working with Northeast State’s dual enrollment office, she was able to take a math class to satisfy her one remaining high school credit requirement and also take science, sociology, and speech courses.

“Moving to the Blountville campus freaked me out a little bit,” Anna said. “The first week or two I was nervous and scared, but then I found my spot where I fit in and I didn’t have any problems, and I made all kinds of friends. Also, the college schedule was great. We started later, we got out earlier, and I only went to class on Mondays and Wednesdays.”

Anna said the college classroom experience was very similar to high school and the class sizes were about the same.

“I think dual enrollment makes the transition easier going from high school to college because you’ve already taken college credits in high school,” Anna said.  “You already know what to expect from the courses, so it’s just moving locations.”

Anna also found that college offered many opportunities to be involved on campus. She said she knew that being involved would help her to make friends and feel more comfortable with the campus.

Anna said she encourages high schoolers to try dual enrollment because it gives students a realistic look at college and gives them a jump on credits.

“If you’re planning to attend college, it’s a great way to get started,” Anna said. “It’s wonderful and I think anyone who’s considering it should give it a try because it’s definitely worth it.”

Anna graduated from Northeast State in 2016 and is currently a student at East Tennessee State University and a radiology major. She said hopes to work in that career field for a while and then perhaps apply to medical school.

– Bob Carpenter

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